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With summer on the way, there comes with it a feel of the new. So it’s no wonder many people choose to clean out the clutter in their homes, or maybe even up sticks and move to pastures new. But the question remains what do you do with those items that you still need but maybe don’t have space for? At Welland Valley we have the storage solution, quite literally.

Our container storage is perfect for seasonal items

Whether you’re an avid snowboarder, skier or cold-water surfer, cluttering up your home for 6 months of the year with boards and accessories can seem a bit of a drag. Flexible short-term storage in one of our container units might be just the thing you’re looking for! And don’t worry; you’ll have easy access should you need to your gear at any point.

Downsize your home, not your valuables

If you’re downsizing your house over the summer months, finding room for everything in your new home can be challenging. Whether it’s furniture or personal items like winter clothing, it’s hard to feel like your starting afresh if your new abode is cluttered up from the offset. Fortunately, there are long-term domestic storage solutions available and temperature-controlled containers ensure that there are no issues with mould or damp tarnishing your belongings.

Commercial storage

If you operate a seasonal business, such as a marquee or outdoor equipment hire, then finding the space to store all your assets off-season can be a bind. Our container units are fully alarmed and secure so you can have the added peace of mind that, come peak times your equipment will be there safe and ready to go.

Welland Valley covers the entirety of Leicester, so whatever your summer storage needs, we have you covered. Need help with removals as well? Our domestic and commercial removals services can take the stress out of moving, contact us today.