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Re-locating can be a very exciting time, but when you scroll down through your list of things to do – it can be quite stressful and feel like a burden.

Hiring external help can relieve you of stress, allowing you to pursue your day with ease and no disruption.

We decided to show you the benefits of hiring a removal service and why it is truly the best option for you and your relocation purposes.

Stress-free move

One of the most positive aspects of utilising a removal company is that you will be able to organise your move, without causing much interruption into your usual daily schedule. By organising a date and time with your removal team, you will be safe in the knowledge of when they will be assisting you, which day the removals will commence and how your items will be packaged up in a professional manner so there is no risk to damage to your items when they are in transit.

Professional and qualified assistance

Here at Welland Valley, we have over 7 years within this industry and in that time we have provided an array of services with the commercial and domestic sectors.

Our trained specialists will pack your items accordingly and will provide extra special packaging for those items that need that extra source of protection.

When we package your items, you are not only saving time but you are also making it easier for yourself when you unpack your belongings in your new home.

In addition to this, providing labels for your cardboard boxes will assist not only yourself but your removal team as they will know exactly how to care for your items while packaging but also will have details as to where to place that package in your new home.

The right equipment

At Welland Valley Removals we offer a full service, from packing up your items to sending them in our professional and reliable vehicles to your chosen destination.

We understand that everyone has bespoke requirements, which is why we offer a unique removal service as your needs are our top priority.

Our specialists are fully qualified and have a high level of knowledge when it comes to safe transportation and packaging.
We ensure each item is carefully packaged accordingly and are loaded onto our professional vehicles in a competent manner, preventing any risk to damages during transit.


While moving furniture around your home, it can be easy to overlook safety precautions and possibly causing chronic strain and stress on your body.

With a professional removal service, you won’t have to lift heavy furniture and therefore, minimise any risk of damaging your furniture/large items or injuring yourself.

Why choose us

Here at Welland Valley, we understand that you will have bespoke requirements when you are preparing for the big move.

We offer tailored solutions to your needs so both you and our team of specialists can work out the best conclusion for you.

Contact our team of specialists today to discuss your removal requirements and needs.