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sell your home with our top tips

Selling your home can often become a daunting task, especially if you are selling for the first time. With so much to consider and plan, many of us forget to pay the extra attention to our homes that could potentially maximise the saleability of the property.

Making a few low-cost home improvements prior to selling is definitely a worth the investment!

We’ve put together our top secrets for getting the most value from your home

1: Create an illusion of space

Whenever you have a home viewing, always remember to keep all curtains and blinds open to allow the natural light to embrace your property. This also creates the illusion of space and makes your home seem airier and pleasant to be in.

2: Spruce up the garden space

Did you know? A garden or an outdoor space is the most sought-after feature for homebuyers.

A well-maintained garden can give your home the wow-factor it needs, especially in the summer when all the seasonal plants and flowers are blossoming. Simple maintenance rituals such as removing weeds, mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes can make a huge difference.

3: De-clutter

Tidy up entrance ways and get rid of any unwanted clutter to help potential buyers visualise what they can do with the space.

4: Tidy up the exterior

Don’t forget, the exterior of your house is the first thing a potential buyer will set their eyes on. And you know how the saying goes… First impression is the last impression. A lick of paint or a quick wash down to the front door and windows can help improve the overall look and feel your house.

5: Be a great host

Always welcome house viewers as your guest. Simple gestures such as offering a hot drink or cold drink can make your viewers feel at home and they will begin to subconsciously associate your house with warmth and comfort.