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You decided Leicester is the place to be for your next venture, congratulations!

By investing in a Leicester removals service, you will be provided with a guarantee that your move will be conducted professionally and efficiently, making sure your items are transported to Leicester with care and diligence.

We thought we would assist your decision and give you some fantastic reasons as to why you should move to Leicester and the top reasons for using a removal service for your new beginning.

Local Amenities

Leicester oozes a large selection of attractions that range from family-friendly activities to exciting historical developments and the evolution of science. There is something for everyone to enjoy and be entertained by, no matter what age!

In 2012, the unearthing of King Richard III was a significant historical event for the city of Leicester and has provided a national interest into the city’s heritage. Other attractions include aspects such as the Leicester Cathedral which invites you to visit the King’s tomb itself and the National Space Centre where you can experience a magical journey of how our planet was created and an array of exciting and interesting space developments.

From a wide spectrum of music available to the unlimited supply of sports events around the area, you can be sure that there is always something to do. 

Expert packing

Packing your items may sound like a simple task but if you don’t have a plan of action, your items will have a higher risk of being damaged. 

By hiring a specialised removals team, you will have the peace of mind that your items are packaged according to the level of their weight, size, and condition. Furthermore, a professional removals service will have all of the necessary items such as strong tape and bubble wrap to support your items during transit, guaranteeing that extra level of safety and security.

Time and dates

Once you have chosen the removal company for you, the next step is to note down the best dates and times for you and your schedule. Here at Welland Valley, we will always work around your schedule to minimise the interruption of your day.

Your consultation at Welland Valley will consist of the following subjects:

  • The time, date and locations that are involved in your move
  • A list of any sentimental/ fragile items that will need extra care and packaging
  • A list of any heavy items that will need extra attention to move
  • A floorplan, if possible, of your new property so we can plan your items in the correct areas

By pursuing this action, both you and our team of specialists will be able to finalise all of the necessary details so we can process your move efficiently and accordingly.

Storage options

If you feel like you don’t want to rush and like the idea of moving your items in stages, then a storage option is for you.

Here at Welland Valley, we can offer you a flexible storage option, allowing you to invest in both short term and long term options for your items. By using our containerised storage solution, you will be able to keep your items in a safe and secure area until you wish to reclaim them. For more information regarding storage, please browse our cost-effective storage solutions today.

How to find a supplier

Here at Welland Valley removals, we are the leading Leicester removal company within and can provide you with an array of services.

With over 7 years of experience, we have been able to provide professional and efficient services for all of our customers and have carried their items safely to their chosen destination.

Contact our team of specialists today for more information!